M.Sc. Jonas Lukasczyk - PhD Student



Clique Community Persistence: A Topological Visual Analysis Approach for Complex Networks

Bastian Rieck, Ulderico Fugacci, Jonas Lukasczyk, and Heike Leitte

IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2017).

Nested Tracking Graphs [Best Paper Award]

Jonas Lukasczyk, Gunther Weber, Ross Maciejewski, Christoph Garth, and Heike Leitte

Computer Graphics Forum (Special Issue, Proceedings Eurographics/IEEE Symposium on Visualization). Vol. 36. No. 3. 2017.

Viscous Fingering: A Topological Visual Analytic Approach

Jonas Lukasczyk, Garrett Aldrich, Michael Steptoe, Guillaume Favelier, Charles Gueunet, Julien Tierny, Ross Maciejewski, Bernd Hamann, and Heike Leitte

Applied Mechanics and Materials 869 - Proceedings of the 1st Conference on Physical Modeling for Virtual Manufacturing Systems and Processes (2017): S. 9-19.

Sky View Factors from Synthetic Fisheye Photos for Thermal Comfort Routing - A Case Study in Phoenix, Arizona

Ariane Middel, Jonas Lukasczyk, and Ross Maciejewski

Urban Planning 2.1, 2017.


Viscous Fingers: A Topological Visual Analytics Approach [Honorable Mention]

Garrett Aldrich, Jonas Lukasczyk, Michael Steptoe, Ross Maciejewski, Heike Leitte, and Bernd Hamann

IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest 2016.


Understanding Hotspots: A Topological Visual Analytics Approach

Jonas Lukasczyk, Ross Maciejewski, Christoph Garth, and Hans Hagen

In Proceedings of the 23rd SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems, 2015.

A Collaborative Web-Based Environmental Data Visualization and Analysis Framework

Jonas Lukasczyk, Xing Liang, Wei Luo, Eric D. Ragan, Ariane Middel, Nadya Bliss, Dave White, Hans Hagen, and Ross Maciejewski

In Proc. Workshop on Visualization and Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), 2015.


WebGL-Based Geodata Visualization for Policy Support and Decision Making

Jonas Lukasczyk, Ariane Middel, and Hans Hagen

In Proc. Workshop on Visualization and Environmental Sciences (EnvirVis), 2014.

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